WEEK THREE IN THE MTC: #Gmoney and the Congos

#Gmoney and the Congos: Our classroom’s band name that will obvs go platinum when we all get home in two years
BOOONNNNJJOOUUURRRRR!!!!!!!!!  Comment allez-vous aujourd’hui?!
^^ That is usually how I greet our investigators, yes with that much enthusiasm, ma collegue (my companion) can testify to that
(Mom you better post this one the blog so that wonderful Sister Matheson can see this)
Yes, ANOTHER great week at the MTC!  Have I said how much I love being a missionary?!  But seriously, it is AMAZING!  This week I had a few lessons in humility though, so you know, it’s not always fun and games, but HEY, I’ve been praying for more humility so that I can do the Lord’s work, so I’ll take what I can get!
I cannot really remember what happened on what day, so I’m just going to give you all a run down of all the wonderful things this week has brought, and all the wonderful things to come!
We had another two amazing devotionals this week!  Tuesday night I sang in the choir next to the wonderful Sister Madore!  We have actually spent a lot more time together than I would have thought!  She is so wonderful and we said our final goodbye last night before she flew out to Texas this morning at 3:30….love that Sister, and am so glad to be sharing this journey with her!
Anways, the devotional….. So Tuesday Night we had Kim B. Clark of the Seventy and also the former President of BYU-Idaho come and speak to us.  He gave us four essentials for successful missionary work:
 1. Work Hard
 2. Always be Obedient
 3. Always seek to have the Spirit
So, I’ve been trying to do that this week-mainly seeking to have the spirit.  And I have found success…more on that later though!  Also, he talked about how as a missionary you are not only there to find new investigators, but to lift up the people in the wards you will be serving in and bringing them closer to Christ as well.  I thought about all the wonderful missionaries who have served in my ward(s) throughout my life.  They rock, so SHOUT OUT TO THEM!
Sunday night we had Brother Allen of the Seventy??? (Can’t really remember and I forgot to bring a pen with me to the devo so I didn’t get to take any notes) but he was HILARIOUS! But also straight forward and bold.  He talked about how all missionaries have hard times.  He had us stand up if we have felt depressed or thought about going home or worried about the language and all these different negative emotions that come over missionaries.  Nearly every missionary stood up every time.  He then bore a powerful witness that we are doing the Lord’s work, and that if we continue to press onward and give it our all, we will be blessed from on high.  It was so nice to hear.  I know this is the Lord’s work.
My teacher, Frere Nollet talked to us this week about purifying ourselves.  Basically, learning to leave everything behind so that we can truly focus on the work.  He had also think and ponder and read scriptures for about fifteen minutes and then had us write down on the things we needed to give up to become better missionaries, no matter how great or how small.  My list was about a page worth, and some were definitely inspired by the Lord.  He then challenged us to really try and work on those things over the next forty days.  He promised us that as we did so, we would feel the spirit stronger than we ever had in our entire lives.  It’s been a tough few days, my main thing is to stop busting out into non church songs (I know surprise surprise), but I know that as I truly try and devote all my time and energy to the Lord, He will give me aid!
So Soeur Casuga and I are both going to be featured in the Christmas Pageant On Dec 4!!!!  I don’t really know too much more about it.  It’s an MTC wide event for ALL the MTC district president’s and their wives and the MTC Presidency and some other special guests!  I don’t really know what I will be doing yet, our first rehearsal is tonight, but we had to audition and such so yah, I am stoked!!!
Our teacher Frere Keenan is getting married on Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Basically we have been begging and pleading with him to tell us every story about him and his soon to be wife, and as the wedding is now only three days away, he has given in!  They are definitely the cutest couple ever lol!!! And as Elder Rhodes put it (another elder in my district) “Tell us more, we haven’t seen a movie in a while..”  LOL!! So true….  Anwyays, Frere Keenan is out for the rest of the week and will be back next Monday so this week should be pretty easygoing since he is our main investigator!
Last Wednesday we taught two TRC lessons, basically lessons with members.  So like when the missionaries come to your house to get fed and they give you a short spiritual thought.  It went okay, but the members were BYU students who spoke french wonderfully, and very fast!  It was our first time teaching someone who wasn’t our teacher and the lessons had to be a bit deeper since they are already members and they know the basics of the gospel!  Anyways, we will do that once a week until we leave, which is LESS THAN THREE WEEKS AWAY!
Okay so Soeur Mat and I have been dropping spiritual bombs in all of our lessons!  IT HAS BEEN AMAZING! AND……..WE CAN FINALLY TEACH WITHOUT ANY FRENCH NOTES! Yah, that’s right, ya missionary can now have conversations with people IN FRENCH!  It is so amazing!  I mean I still say “uhhhhh” after every word and have to ask our investigator to repeat what they are saying five times, but HEY! We can finally teach from the heart and not have to just read out of a book!  IT IS SO GREAT!  So here’s our highlight lesson of the week with our fake invesitgator Guillamme (who is really Frere Keenan)….
So Guilamme is based of someone Frere Keenan actually taught on his mission.  But anyways, we had to door contact our way in, and then we were invited back for another lesson and have been meeting with him every other day for about a week and a half now!  However, he is tough because I had decided that God does not exist after his first daughter was a stillbirth.  After learning this, we came back the next lesson and strongly testified to him that families could be together forever, and that if he simply exercised one ounce of faith by calling upon God, asking if he was there, and asked if Catherine (his daughter) was with Him, he would receive an answer.  The spirit was so strong, even through our broken French!  The next lesson we got him to pray with us, on our knees.  After we prayed, we asked him what he felt, and he said calm and we pointed out to him that was the spirit of God, testifying that what he had asked for in his pray was true.  I CANNOT WAIT TO TEACH HIM AGAIN!  Even if he is fake….
SOOO! On Monday two districts in our Zone flew out to France, which makes us now the oldest people in the Zone, so new Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders were called (Sister Training Leaders are basically zone leaders but for the sisters).  AND Elders Rhodes and Watkins (two elders from my district) and Sisters Casuga and Flake were called!  OUR DISTRICT IS ROCKING!  They will do so well, but they definitely have lots of work to do since 28 new missionaries arrived this past Wednesday!  Luckily, no other new ones will be arriving until after we leave…..
Okay so Friday night Soeur Flake dislocated her knee partially… She was on crutches all weekend and Monday myself and Soeur Mat took turns spending time with her at the doctor so that Soeur Casuga could begin her Sister Training Leader Duties.  She ended up being okay and just has to do some physical therapy to strengthen her knee muscles once a week until we leave!  HOWEVER COOLEST PART ABOUT THIS!  She got a priesthood blessing on Monday before she went to the doctors.  It was the first time that I witnessed a sickness blessing before, and our elders were the ones who performed it!  The blessing was so beautiful and the spirit was definitely present as it was given.  SOOOO AWESOME to see our elders preform something to sacred.   I love this gospel!
OKAY SO LAST THING!  HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!  Yes, we do get to celebrate on Thursday!  I mean they are not going to make the teachers come in on Thanksgiving…. 😉
Anyways, we basically just have a devotional with someone big, I think the suspicion is Dallin H Oaks, in the morning!  Then a service project in the afternoon where we will assemble meals for over 300,000 people in the Utah area (Church media should be covering it, so look for that), and then at night we have an MTC wide talent show! And a movie, so SHOULD BE FUN!
Feels weird, Thanksgiving is in two days!  There is no concept of time here lol….
On a more serious note though,
There are so many things that I am grateful for this year.  However, at the top of my list is my testimony of this gospel.  I KNOW that it is TRUE!  I do not know why the Lord has blessed me with such knowledge, but I simply cannot deny it.  I know that God lives.  He is real.  And He loves us.  I know that Jesus Christ came to the earth and suffered for our sins, so that we all can find comfort through Him during times in our lives when we feel sorrowful.  I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, that he SAW Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and that through him, the TRUE gospel of Jesus Christ was restored to the earth.  I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God.  I invite all the read it.  It WILL change your life.  It will answer questions of the soul, it will give you comfort, and it will guide you safely home to the presence of God someday soon.  I know these things to be true, like I know my own name.  Missionary work is the work of God.  This gospel brings families together forever, and always all you simply come unto Christ, to become perfect through Him.  There is no greater reward than this, to come unto Christ, and to become like Him.  This is my testimony, my most precious possession.  This Thanksgiving, I cherish it close to my heart, and pray that I may always be found on the Lord’s errand.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving my family and friends.  My love is with you all always!
The church is true…just in case you were wondering 😉
Until next week!
-Soeur Vogel
PIC ONE: All the french sisters before five of them flew out to France on Sunday (also minus the twenty that came in this past week)
PIC TWO: MES COLLEGUES!!!!! (LEFT TO RIGHT) Soeur Mat, Soeur Flake, Soeur Casuga, MOI!  Seriously, we do everything together, many have asked us if we are all companions together..
PIC THREE: Rare sighting of the sun warming our bodies…
PIC ONE: We dem BOYZ! Some of the elders who left this week to france, and ma girl Soeur Casuga!
PIC TWO: Soeur Flake and her crutches with MA COLLEGUE Soeur Mat!
PIC ONE: Rare sighting of Elders Miner and Graham lookin sharp on the Temple Grounds!
PIC TWO: Elders Rhodes and Watkins…your new Zone Leaders, taking “comfort” in the scriptures

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