Week Two at the MTC!

So week two is over!  IT WENT BY SO FAST! SO CRAZY! Everything is still going tres bien and I am loving every minute of being a missionary! I’m definitely a bit more tired this week but hey it’s all in good fun…we get to sneak naps every once and a while 😉
Let me take you through my week!!!!
Okay so last Tuesday night was BOMB!  Like seriously, the best ever!  We had choir practice before our Tuesday night devotional at 7:00.  Our devotional was given by Hugo Montoya from the Quorum of the Seventy, and it was needless to say AMAZING!!! YES he DID start off by making a princess bride joke, which was HILARIOUS!  But he still brought the spirit so strongly as he talked to us about how we literally have the name of Christ plastered on our hearts.  Therefore, we should try and be as much as Christ as we can, since we are simply extensions of the Quorum of the Twelve…as our fave Elder Holland likes to say:  The Quorum of the Twelve are apostles with a capital A, and we are apostles with a lowercase a!  LOVED IT!  Anyways, Elder Montoya encouraged us to do whatever it takes to become more Christ like on our missions…so if that means eating on the floor and spending time with the poor, than so be it!  I’M PUMPED FOR NEW CAL!
Honestly, I can’t remember what happens on what day, but hey that is totes cool!  Basically, we spent the day in class.  The french is continuing to come back, slowly but surely 😉
ALSO! YES I SAW SISTER MADORE TODAY!!!! We’ve seen each other I think at least once everyday but only in passing 😦  LOVE THAT GIRL!
Again, simply spent the day in class and teaching lessons with our “investigators.” SORRY NOT MUCH TO REPORT!
Okay so Frere Keenan challenged me to teach a lesson on how to use the future tense when speaking french (I didn’t teach in french, but still it was still banging..).  Frere Keenan knows I am super competitive and always up for a challenge..LOL!  Anyways..so I taught the lesson on the spot, and everyone said I was a natural teacher!  I guess that’s a good sign!  Frere Keenan wants me to transfer to BYU and teach at the MTC when I get home, he said he would hire me on the spot…We’ll see where life takes me 😉
Also..FRIDAY NIGHT TURN UP!  The District shared pictures of each other’s families and friends and such…how we spend the time avoiding studying LOL!
Okay so Frere Keenan challenged us to memorize the missionary purpose and the first vision on Friday.  If we memorized it by today, he would tell us his most hilarious mission story and how he proposed to his fiance (he is getting married the day after thanksgiving)!!  SO WE DID IT!  And oh my gosh I feel so accomplished now!!!
 “Je vis exactement, au-dessus de ma tete, une colone de lumiere, plus brillante que le soliel, descednre peu a peu jusqu’a tomber sur moi, quand le lumiere se posa sur moi, je vis deux personages dont l’eclat et la gloire defiant tout description.  Et qui se tennaint au-dessus de moi dans les airs.  L’un d’eaux me parla, m’appellant par mon nom, et dit, en me montrant l’autre: Celui-ci est mon fils Bien’aime, Ecoute’le!”
Anyways, we DID get to hear Frere Keenan’s amazing stories… And we LOLed.. pretty darn HILARIOUS!
Also, we started teaching a “new investigator” (Frere Keenan in different form) Named Guillamme.  OH MY GOSH! Okay so he is harder to teach because he questions a lot and doesn’t believe in God, but he has had a lot of tragedy in his life, and seriously, even though he is just fake, I can already feel so much love for him.  Even though he isn’t as receptive to our message, I cannot wait to teach him again because honestly, he is just so real!  Also, Soeur Mat and I are able to use less notes in our lessons now, we are trying to really teach for the heart as best we can in french, and letting the spirit do the rest.  It’s coming!
Okay so in the morning we had a woman’s conference with all the Sister Missionaries in the MTC!  The talks were amazing.  The first was one how exact obedience brings miracles.  The woman who spoke told about how when her husband was the mission president for the Czech-Slovakia Mission, they needed to open up the borders for Slovakia, because no missionaries were allowed to proselyte there at that time…well with lots of fasting and prayer and an okay from Elder Perry, all the missionaries in the mission went into Slovakia to obtain signatures for the petition to allow the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to be recognized as an actual church, and for missionaries to be allowed there!  What they thought would take at least month only took four days to obtain 250,000 signatures.  The church is true folks!!!
 The next sister talked on leaving the baggage and stuff that we were holding onto from the “outside world” so that we could more fully focus on our work.  I decided I was still holding on to the baggage of wanting more sleep and complaining, so I am trying to think less of my needs and more of the needs of those I will be serving!!
OKAY SO AT NIGHT… We had a devotional with the Director of Media for the church, he is in charge of things like mormon.org and such and he gave us a preview of the Church’s Christmas campaign….. #ASAVIORISBORN  The Video is amazing and features children from around the world testifying of Christ…ALSO, the church bought four billboards in Time Square to display the #ASAVIORISBORN, they will be displayed on The New Year’s Eve Broadcast that ABC does, and they purchased hundreds of taxi cab head thingies, so honestly, NY IS GOING TO BE HOPPING WITH MESSAGES OF THE SAVIOR!  It’s going to be great, so GET READY!
UM, still not too much to report, just more classes, and more competitions to get our french skills up….BUT MONDAY NIGHT!
Okay so Soeur Casuga, Soeur Flake, Soeur Mat, and I go to sleep finally around 11 (I know breaking the rules).  We have to get up at 6 to get to the temple…..
I wake up in the middle of the night to a big bang, and Soeur Casuga asks “Sisters, is there anything I can do for you?”  She is talking to two sisters that are standing in our room… I am like WHAT THE HECK?
It’s one in the morning….  ANYWAYS, basically this wonderful girl from Switzerland just flew in and got here at one in the morning and is staying in our room until all the other new missionaries arrive tomorrow, but NO ONE TOLD US SHE WAS COMING! So anyways, she ended up sleeping in Soeur Casuga’s bed and Soeur Casuga and I slept together on my top bunk.  It was quite the experience LOL!  But hey, the Swiss missionary is super nice!  And we still got the opportunity to go to the temple this morning, even though none of us got too much sleep!
And here we are, another Pday going by too fast!
So just some other general things!
Thank you to all who sent packages this week, THEY WERE WELL RECEIVED BY ALL!!!!! THANK YOU!
Also, Yes we did hear about the bombing in France, and we pray for the people in France everyday.  We have a group of missionaries flying out to Paris and Lyon in five days, and yes they are allowed to go still, as long as the French government allows them!  Hopefully, they will have lots of work to do with the tragedy being so close.
ALSO!  The Sisters have a goal to beat the Elders in basketball before we leave the MTC!  We are getting there…luckily I am already a baller 😉
MY DISTRICT IS STILL AMAZING!  We still laugh everyday, and love spending time together.  A lot of the teachers have commented on how close we are…. although the whole MTC did get a lecture on flirting… nothing our district has to worry about hopefully LOL!
The Vanuatu sisters flew out to Tahiti yesterday 😦  Sad they are leaving, I will miss their big welcoming hugs every time I saw them, but soon enough, we will be able to spend everyday serving them!!! CANNOT WAIT!!
It snowed.  ALL DAY YESTERDAY!  I want my island sun SO BADLY!  My branch president commented on how to weather was like CT…I commented on how I don’t like the weather in CT!  SOON ENOUGH the sun and I will be reunited!!
We are getting 29 new missionaries in our zone, all going to France tomorrow!  After the group who is going to France in five days leaves, we will be the oldest ones in the Zone..which means we will be Zone leaders/Sister Training Leaders….so weird, I still feel like the newbie!
ANYWAYS!  I love you all so very much!  The church is true, and I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!  God lives.  He loves you, and if you but only come unto Him, and put our trust in Him, we can have mighty miracles come forth in our lives!
-Soeur Karlee Vogel 🙂
PIC ONE: Squad goals
PIC TWO: MA COLLEGE (ma companion)
PIC ONE: Temple Walk….missionaries unleashed outside the gates
PIC TWO: Our drugs
PIC THREE: Too hardcore (Elder Rhodes is cuddling with the Vanuatu Flag)
PIC ONE: IL NEIGE!  Also the only sights we see everyday on the MTC campus

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