I hope your weeks have been wonderful!  Mine sure has!  I absolutely
LOVE being a missionary and the MTC is AMAZING!!!! I seriously love it
here, it kind of feels like being as college, but even better because
we simply get to focus on Christ 24/7.  I hope to cram as much
information on my first week here as possible, but of course there is
limited time so bear with me if it seems a little scattered (I’m also
exhausted and seem to have forgotten how to type on the computer)
((((Also please excuse my franglais (french and english mixed
together) it is getting harder to say some words in english which is

DANC (SO..)  Days here are long, I will not lie, like  FOURTEEN HOUR
DAYS long.  The first full day here seemed to drag on forever, BUT it
was totally awesome.  Here’s what my general schedule looks like:

6:30 am WAKE UP
7:30-11:30 am Class time
11:30-12:15  Lunch
12:15-4:30 pm Class time
4:30- 5:15 pm Dinner (yes dinner at 4:30, but I am surprisingly hungry
by that point)
5:15-8:15 pm Class time
8:15-9:15 pm Gym time (yes father and bros I have been working out every day!!)
After gym we can return to our residence (like a dorm building but a
little nicer) and get ready for bed.  Quiet time is 10:15 and lights
out is 10:30….I usually fall straight to sleep because… I AM
EXHAUSTED.  Thankful for seminary for allowing me to know what it
feels like to run on four hours of sleep LOL, these Utah kids don’t
understand the struggle.

ALSO, when we leave our rooms at 7:00 we DO NOT return until bed time,
so literally all day is spent in the classroom.

HOWEVER, it is great.  I thought we would be sitting and getting
lectured for the whole time but we are actually not!  We have about 7
hours of classroom instruction on french and teaching techniques
scattered throughout the day, and the rest of that time is spent
studying and preparing lessons on our own time, although the first few
days were spent just hanging out as a district.

Speaking of district…. MINE IS AMAZING!!!! Oh my gosh! I can’t even
explain it!!!  SO if you don’t know what a district is it is basically
just how things are organized here so I have 7 other missionaries in
my district.  We all have class together every day so we literally
spend every waking moment together.  My companion’s name is Sour
Matheson, OH MY GOSH she is so amazing! We laugh at the same things,
and she deals with me being crazy and super enthusiastic and wanting
to play 24/7.  She is more introverted than I but we complement each
other VERY well so that’s all that matters!  The other sister
companionship in my district is Soeur Casuga and Soeur Flake.  We all
room together.  They are both so awesome and spiritual and I just
adore them!!! The four of us get along so well and have such a good
time together.  The other four in my district are all elder, and I
love them!!! Seriously some of the best guys in the MTC!  Also, we are
all going to New Caledonia, which is rare for a whole district to be
going to the same place, so maybe that is why we are so close?!!! Who
knows! They are amazing though and we all feel like we’ve known each
other forever.  We all accept each other for who we are, and OMG I
HAVE    …..

SORRY y’all i sent that before I was done LOL!!!! (What even are computers??)
MY DISTRICT… I HAVE NEVER LAUGHED HARDER WITH ANY GROUP OF PEOPLE THAN I HAVE WITH THEM IN MY ENTIRE LIFE.  Which as most o you know, is saying something since I laugh ALL THE TIME!!! Man, I just love them!
We also have two other elders in our classroom but not part of our district.  They both got here the week before us and are also so funny and amazing!!! They are obviously learning french as well because they are GOING TO AFRICA!!!! That’s right Pean… The congo mission.. covers about five countries in Africa, but I believe missionaries are only allowed in three at this time.
Also, YES MOM I AM FREEZING MOST OF THE TIME!!! It has snowed every day here, nothing has stuck yet, but still IT IS COLD!
OKAY and seriously people, the gift of tongues is SO REAL!!!!! My french is coming back so quickly, I love it!!! I’ll explain more about it in my day to day schedule….
So here it goes:
WEDNESDAY: I arrived!!! We had lots of orientation type things and at night we taught three investigators (in English, in a group type setting)  LIKE REAL INVESTIGATORS! They were so awesome and the spirit was so strong in all three meetings.  I think we will meet with them again before our MTC experience is over.  At the end of the day all the new missionaries gathered together and sang “We’ll Bring the World His Truth.”  Well, y’all know that was a killer, I felt the spirit so strongly.  I knew that this is were I belonged.
THURSDAY: okay my teachers are amazing!  Frere Nollet is from Belguim and is a native french speaker, he served his mission in Washington DC so his english is good as well, but of course, he really only talks to us in french.  Frere Keenan served his  mission in Montreal, Canada, and has an amazing french accent!  He assured us that he was the missionary in the MTC that did NOT know french at all!!! They are both so funny, and already have taught us so much!  We learned how to pray in french today, and from this point on, I have only been praying in french.  It’s amazing, I feel like my prayers are more sincere now that I pray more humbly in a different language!
FRIDAY: Okay so we were all late to class in the morning and had to door contact our way in, IN FRENCH!!! It took us about five tries, but it was such a good experience.  Later, we learned how to bear out testimonies in french, and then had a testimony meeting in french in our classroom, again the spirit=SO STRONG!!!
SATURDAY: Taught our first lesson in french today!  We had to refer to our notes a lot but Soeur Matheson and I really felt the spirit and the gift of tongues.. even though we told out “investigator” (he is really just one of our teachers)  to pray like a frog instead to pray on his knees LOL!
SUNDAY: AMAZING! Sacrament meeting was all in french, and later we had choir practice and WE ARE DOING A CHRISTMAS PAGEANT! I AM SO EXCTIED! ACTING SINGING THE WHOLE SHIN DING! Later we watched the movie “The Character of Christ” a talk given by Elder Bednar given at the MTC a few years ago.  Main things: Christ’s character is to turn outward and serve others at times when we would usually be turning inwards to serve ourselves.  I really needed that, this mission is NOT for me, which was how I kind of was feeling, but for the people of New Cal.  I love them already.  We also, got a lesson on flirting with the opposite sex or how NOT to flirt with the opposite sex from our branch president LOL!!! He is super awesome though so it wasn’t too bad!
MONDAY:  OKAY! So Soeur Matheson and I are sitting in the hallway with two other elders and all of a sudden this spanish guy is here and asking questions to us, we end up talking to him and his wife for like forty minutes about God’s love for them.  We all felt the spirit super strongly causing all of us to cry, including this man and his wife.  and THEY WERE REAL INVESTIGATORS!!! They want to come back and learn more now! It was so powerful and definitely a tender mercy from the Lord since we have been struggling with french!!!
AND TODAY! (Sorry y’all I’m running out of time…)  We woke up super early and went to the temple, and have just been relaxing for the first time since we got here! It has been awesome and can’t wait for the week to come!!!
Love to you all!!! Pictures to follow!!!!! I know this church is true!  Jesus Christ is our Savior, I love HIM more than words can describe!!! God is Good!
 Je sais que l’eglise est vrai!  Jesus-Christ est ma Sauveur!  J’aime Jesus Christ! Dieu est bon!!!!
Until next week, I would love to hear from all of you!  Don’t worry about the length of your e-mails, I print them off earlier in the day so I can read them before I e-mail!!! LOVE YOU ALL!
-Soeur Vogel 🙂 🙂
IMG_0059 IMG_0058
Soeur Mat (my companion/ Matheson), myself, Soeur Casuga!
Soeur Mat and I!!!!!!
THE LADIES in our district and in the other french district that came in the same day as us!  Most of those sisters are going to Montreal or Barbados!
our classroom where we spend most of our days (relaxing, and chilling and being all cool and shooting some bball outside of school!!!)
 temple early in the morn!!! (Temples five minutes away what is that???!!!) AMAZING!

4 thoughts on “BONJOUR FROM THE MTC!

  1. Hey Soeur Vogel ,
    Love being in the know about your experiences and love knowing about the MTC – I’m a butterfly on the wall . So awesome ! Thank you ! I’m going to the Temple Fri . with Sister DaSilva for Angelica !!! Life is Great !! Love ya , keep on shining 💖
    Sister Dempey


  2. Amber Thibeau

    I am so grateful to you for being so dedicated and loving so much something so important to this life. So happy you are loved and loving it!!


  3. Christy

    Translation: a branch is a small congregation. The branch President is the main ecclesiastical leader of the congregation (he has two counselors who help him).


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